Gitaarcombo Ashton GA20FX

159,00 euro
(normal price in your music shop:185,00 euro!

The GA20FX features 6 amp modes (clean, acoustic, overdrive, distortion, fuzz and metal zone) and 2 effects (reverb and delay). Allowing you to shape, set and store your own personal sound.

Plug your electric guitar into one of Ashton's 'built-to-last' guitar amplifiers. With a range that spans from a compact 10W amp to a 20W FX amp and all the way through to 100W stacks and
combos; we have an amp for all styles and players.

SPEAKER: 2 x 6.5" speakers
WATTAGE: 20 watt
CHANNELS: 6 amp effect models
EQ SYSTEM: 4-band EQ
INPUTS: 1/4" Jack, Mic In
OUTPUTS: Phones, line out, speaker out
FX: Delay / Reverb (modulated)
DIMENSIONS: 37cm x 17cm x 25.5cm

Shipping to all EU countries: 25,00 euro.
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Acoustic Amp Ashton AEA15

99,00 euro

Our acoustic amps cater towards varying needs for power and
size. They feature built-in classic analogue chorus to make your sound
infinitely more full-bodied. Developed by in-house musicians and pros, the
sturdy wood casing will protect your investment. Great amps to perfectly
complement your sound.

SPEAKER: 6" speaker
15 watt
CHANNELS: 1 channel (clean)
EQ SYSTEM: 3-band EQ
INPUTS: 1/4"
jack, iPod ® ready (1/8")
FX: Chorus with depth
DIMENSIONS: 26.5cm x 16.5cm x 31cm

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ASHTON AEA30 combo for acoustic guitar

             Price: 199,00 euro

Also available: AEA10 (89,00) and AEA60 (269,00)

THE solution for keeping your acoustic guitar sound while playing plugged in and use al kinds of sound effects. This combo is perfect for playing in clubs.

It has a
 10” co-axial speaker with a clean sound and minimal distortion. You can plug in you microphone as well or use the second channel for a second guitar.

- 30 Watts RMS
- 10” Co-axial Speaker
- Optional Footswitch FSW200

Channel 1:
- Combo Input (XLR/¼” Jack)
- Level, Reverb (switchable)

Channel 2:
- Level, Bass, Mid, Mid Freq, Treble
- Switchable Chorus
- Reverb (switchable)

in general: 
- CD Input
- 5 Ch Graphic Equalizer
- Master Level

 Shipping: 30,00 euro to all Euro countries except Belgium and Holland (cheaper).   ORDER


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